Life’s Lineup

Diversity’s new view

Simone Pinto and Pronoy Roy bring you a podcast on all things diversity. It is equal parts funny and emotional with a pinch of post-teenage angst.


The start of new things with old conversations. Why would Simone’s teacher ask her to say Hail Hydra? How should things be? Honestly, we may still not understand that but we try to break it down in this podcast about life and its criminal lineup.

Pride in 2020

Episode 1

Pride – the celebration – has a different meaning for different people. Pronoy has attended 2 very different pride festivals and Simone went with Pronoy to 2020’s Mumbai Pride. This year the celebration was a little different from the other years. Listen to the episode and find out why.

Life's Lineup Cover - Romance Over Texts

Romance Over Texts

Episode 2

It’s the era of Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and Simone and Pronoy take a deep dive into the intricacies of flirting through texts. Be it hookups, creepy text messages, or long texts about feminism – these platforms have it all. Listen to the episode and find out all about it!

Consciousness of Accessibility

Episode 3

This week’s episode is a special story. It brings us a new lens through which to view the world. In this episode we talk about accessibility and how conscious we are of it, for those with special needs, and how we can make a difference by thinking differently. Srushti Iyer – the elder sister of Anirudh, a special needs child talks to Pronoy Roy about her experiences over the years when dealing with special needs situations.

who is a responsible adult, life's lineup podcast cover

Who is a Responsible Adult?

Episode 4

As two 20-something-year-olds enter the adulting world slowly, a question remains pertinent. Who is a responsible adult?! What does it even mean to be an adult? Simone and Pronot have a go at answering some questions about being an adult from the very little experience they have. Subscribe for more episodes like this!

Leadership in the Global Context

Episode 5

Unemployment rates are soaring because of Covid-19 and leaders of institutions, organizations, and groups are all concerned about doing it right! Listen to Atul Dhiman and Pronoy Roy’s attempt to dissect leadership and how we see it globally in this week’s episode. 

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